Correct the text.

Read the following text and make the appropriate corrections. The mistakes are codified as follow:

  • Prep- prepositions
  • P - punctuation, it can be something missing or wrong punctuation.
  • -- - word or phrase missing
  • Gr - grammar
  • Ww - incorrect word order
  • Sp - spelling
  • T - incorrect verb tense
  • Wo - incorrect word order
Before television was invented people had many different things to do in (prep)their free time
They use (T) to go out more frequently than nowadays. Kids used to play more,
and also they (Wo)practiced sports everyday. 
Women used to -- embroidery,, cook and other handicrafts. Men played sports and they also
fixed the house up. In general familyes (Sp) used to be closer than now, and everybody
spend (T) their free time in different activities.
Television has many advantages besides it is (Gr) one of the more important means of 
communication. It has a big varity (Sp) of programs for example, you can find: news, sports,
cartons (Sp), video clips, culture, places, movies, among other.
Although, (Ww) you have to choose what kind of programs you want to see.
On the other hand, television also has disadvantages. People prefers (Gr) watching TV than reading, 
so this affects -- because their imagination is not developed as before.
Other (Ww) disadvantage is people spend many hours watching TV, and it's a waste of time because
they can employ this time doing other activities. Too, (Ww) because of the terrible programs that 
contain violence, sex, and crime; people are influenced specialy (Sp) teenagers.
In conclusion (p) television is a good means of communication when you watch programs that can
provide you with good information and -- helps you in your life.

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