Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition

Use one of the following prepositions to complete the sentences.

  1. The book was written  Cortazar.
  2. They showed me the picture their wedding.
  3. What are you talking ?
  4. That man over there reminds me Homer Simpson.
  5. We always have lunch together Fridays.
  6. Please write pen.
  7. She is very good maths.
  8. The man suffered migraine.
  9. It’s time you arrive.
  10. I’ll see you the party.
  11. I’ll the plane Mexico City.
  12. I’d like to speak your mother please.
  13. My dad is taking care my younger brother.
  14. Juan always borrows money you.
  15. The teacher arrived at the school building just time.
  16. I’m sorry the job you didn’t get.
  17. How many people are your team?
  18. My mother’s always time.
  19. The online store will be go online May.
  20. We have been searching a designer who works online.
  21. We have to pay the plane tickets today.
  22. The audience threw all the tomatoes him, that’s why he’s crying.
  23. People here eat fork and spoon.
  24. The TV is the corner of the room.
  25. the end of next year we will have made over $1, 000, 000.

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