Prepositions 2

Fill in the blanks

Complete the sentences with a preposition from the list. Prepositions can be used more than once.

  1.    the day, the clown cried.
  2.   The dog sat her owner.
  3.   The plane flew the clouds.
  4.   The painting the wall the desk is a copy of the Mona Lisa.
  5.   My mother’s cellphone rang the middle of the movie.
  6.   Divide the money you two.
  7.   Miguel hates working Mondays.
  8.   Amalia is looking forward hearing from you.
  9.   I prefer tea coffee.
  10.   My mother is very fond Chinese food.
  11.    to Jim, life is a joke.
  12.   Some kids were crawling under the car.
  13.   The new cars will be shown the exhibition.
  14.   I am not very interested horror films.
  15.   He is still surprised how little money they want to pay him.
  16.   My aunt heard the accident yesterday.
  17.   Turn right the next traffic lights.
  18.   Did you call attention their mistake?
  19.   Except you, everyone was at the party.
  20.   When I was a child I was afraid the dark.
  21.   I love traveling boat.
  22.   She comes a poor family.

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