City life is a nightmare

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So if you want to have an acceptable life style, you can think of buying a house in the country, and enjoy fresh air and nature.

One of the medical recommendation for being healthy is to work out or at least to walk, which is difficult when living in the city. It is a must to have a car due to the long distances from one place to another.  Besides, the number of inhabitants living there is big, this fact triggers other consequences that makes city life to be a nightmare, for example, there are more cars and thus more traffic which derives into stressed people and more pollution. As consequence people find themselves living under stress and in a polluted place, which makes them unhappy.

On the other hand, life in the country is quieter, because there is less people, less traffic, thus air is less polluted than in the cities. Beside, as cars are not needed to move around, people tend to walk more. Therefore, people are healthier and feel happier than when living in the city. Also, kids can enjoy nature and playing outdoors, so they can have a healthier life.

Living in a city can be a nightmare; in order to have an acceptable life style it is better to live away from cities, because in cities life is life in the city is so quick that there is no time to enjoy life and everybody is always stressed. Also living in a city can be stressful, unsafe and can be bad for one’s health.

Moreover, the insecurity that people face when living in a city is greater than in the country. This is due there are more crimes as there are more people. There are more burglaries and people need to pay for a closed-circuit-cameras or contract security guards to keep burglars away from homes.

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