Future Tense with Question tags


Write a letter from the B column in the spaces in column A. 

QUESTION TAGS: They are not really questions but they are a way of asking the other person to make a comment and so keep the conversation open. 

To make a tag, use the first auxiliary.  With a positive sentence-make a negative tag and with a negative sentence-make a positive tag. If there is no auxiliary, use do, does or did.

You´re going to work harder from now on, a) will we?
I´ll see you on Saturday, b) doesn´t it?
José's leaving soon,  c) won´t we?
You´ll call me when you get to Acapulco,  d) are you?
Their plane takes off at 6 a.m.  e) won´t I?
The designers will have finished by next month,  f) isn´t he?
You aren´t getting married next week,  g) won´t you?
We won´t need tickets to get in,  h) won´t they?
We´ll be rich one day,  i) will he?
Ricardo won´t be coming,  j) aren´t you?

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