Correcting FUTURE TENSE mistakes

Let´s correct the mistakes (if necessary)

1. Choose which is the correct and incorrect sentence. 

2. Write "C" next to the correct one and "I" next to the incorrect sentence. 

1.  a) Have you heard? Adriana´s going to have a baby 
 b) Really? I´m going to call her tomorrow to congratulate her.
2.  a) What do you do this weekend? 

 b) I don´t know yet. Maybe I´ll call Raúl and see what he´s doing.


a) I´ll be honest with you, Martín. I don´t think you´re going to pass this exam. 

 b) Oh, no! What will I be doing?
4.  a) Is it true that Raquel will get married to that awful boyfriend of hers this week?
 b) I´m afraid so. And I´m going to the wedding. I´m her bridesmaid!
5.  a) Our flight leaves at 5 o´clock on Monday morning. 
 b) OMG! You have to wake me up. I can´t get up in the morning. 
6.  a) It´s my birthday on Tuesday. I´m going to be 27!
 b) 27! That´s not too bad, don´t worry!
7.  a) Miguel and Pablo will be arriving soon, and the house is such a mess.
 b) Don´t worry. It´ll only take a few minutes to clean up. 
8.  a) Will you be going skiing as usual this winter?
 b) Not this year, It´s too far. I´ll stay at home. 
9.  a) I´ll call you as soon as I´ll arrive. 
 b) Please! We´ll  be waiting to hear you´ve arrived safely. 

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