Finding Passive Voice


Read the ACTIVE sentences and complete the PASSIVE option with the PASSIVE VOICE FORM. 


ACTIVE: The supervisor will review the report before it is sent to the manager. 

PASSIVE: The report by the supervisor before it is sent to the manager. 


ACTIVE: Steps have been taken to correct the mistakes found in the process. 

PASSIVE: Some mistakes  in the process, but steps have been taken to correct them. 


ACTIVE: I have attached the current status report. 

PASSIVE: The current status report


ACTIVE: We must collect the survey responses to know the students´ opinions.

PASSIVE: The survey responses must   to know the opinions of the students.


ACTIVE: The president welcomed the participants. 

PASSIVE: The participants by the president. 


ACTIVE: In 1865 the archaeologists discovered the fossils. 

PASSIVE: The fossils by the archaeologists in 1865. 


ACTIVE: Three famous researchers have written an article about education.

PASSIVE: The article about education  by three famous researchers. 


ACTIVE: Two drunk people provoked an accident last night. 

PASSIVE: The accident by two drunk people last night. 


ACTIVE: She teaches English at the University of Guanajuato.

PASSIVE: English by her at the University of Guanajuato. 


ACTIVE: I love her very much.

PASSIVE: She by me.

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