Past Participle in passive voice

Write the Past Participle to form the passive voice.

1. computers by an ingineer 

2. money from the bank.

3. fans by the concert.

4. students by their grades.

5. Boy by his enemy. 

6. umbrella by its owner.

7. question by the teacher.

8. box by a strong man.

9. guitar by a musician.

10. English by a student. 

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Fill in the gaps

To form the PASSIVE VOICE it is necessary to write the PAST PARTICIPLE form of the verbs. Can you complete the chart?

1 give gave
2 steal stolen
3 write wrote
4 created created
5 know knew
6 buy bought
7 prevented prevented
8 shared shared
9 build built
10 take  took
11 make made
12 do did
13 pusblished published
14 say said
15 be was/were

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