There are many words to describe people - some nice and some not so nice! Here's some vocabulary you can use when talking about a person´s personality.

Read the sentences and choose the option that describes the PERSONALITY TYPE: 


  • Carlos thought he was a genius after he completed the Friday Crossword.
  • My friend at English class always gets every question correct - she's such a know-it-all.


  • "Shut up you dumb idiot!" My coach yelled when I got the wrong answer.
  • Some people think that blonde women are a bit silly.


  • When Juan gets drunk he thinks he's hilarious.
  • I watched 'The American Office' the other day - Steve Carrell is amusing.


  • I really like Bob, but, he's a bit dreary.
  • That man is the dullest and most tedious person I have ever met!


  • That boy is very extroverted, and a little pushy.
  • Albert became a very sure and certain person after he won his Nobel prize.


  • Alfredo became very introverted.
  • Lisa's very shy - until she's drunk!


  • The barman was very welcoming towards us, until I told him I don't drink.
  • Politicians like to come across as very gracious and pleasant people.


  • After he lost his job twice he became very humble about his abilities.
  • I don't think I'm a modest person. In fact, I think I'm amazing.


  • I like my new colleague; he's very hardworking and careful in his work.


  • "Fire him," my boss said, "he's doesn´t do anything"
  • I went into work the other day when I was very hungover. I was a bit sluggish.

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