Life in the city


Change the Spanish words in parenthesis for their English version. You can first check "City and Countryside" activity in the vocabulary section to check the adjectives you need in this activity. 

Anyone who comes to my city really should spend some time in downtown … it’s a (hermoso)  place … it’s not what you would call a (aburrido)  city … it’s quite (lleno de vida)   and you can walk across the city … but there’s no need to do that as we have a (moderno)  public transport system so it’s easy to get around … there are various (históricos)  places … you have the (pintoresco)  shops in the centre … you’ll find lots of chain stores you’ll recognise from your own city but also local (agradable)   options as well … we have the (pacífico)  streets with lots of (impresionante)  boutiques and (turísticas)  attractions … there’s the Olympic area and the (precioso)  beaches along the coast … there are also parks but they are (lejanos)   on the outskirts where people relax with their friends and family … and of course (antiguos)  museums everywhere … all that and some great historical places of interest … so it´s a great destination for tourists …

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