When describing someone you should be careful. There are expressions that can be rude, nice or neutral. Let´s see if you can differentiate them:

Choose positive, negative or neutral depending on how you think that sentence express. 

1. She is skinny. ( )  

2. She is bonny. ( )

3. He is fat. ( )  

4. She is tubby. ( )  

5. She is plump. ( )  

6. He is underweight. ( )  

7. She is slender. ( )

8. She is overweight. ( )  

9. He is slim. ( )

10. She is thin. ( )  

11. He is stocky. ( )  


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If you want to describe eyes and hair color, here are some options: 

(Pay attention to the number in parenthesis to complete the sentence)



1. Ana has (1) eyes and short (7) hair and she looks gorgeous!

2. My brother had a fight at school and he got a (6)  eye!

3. I am thinking on a radical new look, maybe long (5) hair which convines with my (5) eyes!

4. My grandma´s hair has turned (4) but her eyes are still so (4) !

5. The most common color for eyes is (2) !

6. Maybe the less common color for eyes is (3) !

7. I would like to have straight (3) hair like my sister, but I am (1) !

8. Girls with (6)  hair look like barbies!

9. My friend has curly hair and she dyed it in (2)  , now she looks older!

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Other features

Some features may not be polite to mention them, for example:


a sign of maturity that appear at the corners of the eyes


a sign of maturity which can appear on any part of the body, often on the forehead


any part of the body where a wound has healed


small marks in any part of the body, but most noticeable on the face

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