Reported speech 1

Rewrite the sentences.

When we use reported speech, we are usually talking about the past. So verbs usually change to the past in reported speech.

But there are sometimes when what we report has happened in the simple past; in that case it can remain in simple past or change into past perfect.

For example: 

Direct Speech

Reported Speech

JuanWhat's wrong?

LucyI'm worried.

JuanLucy told me she was worried.

Tony- I'm going to buy a new car.

Francisco- Tony said he was going to buy a new car.

Juan- Lucy has run a marathon.

Tony- Juan said (that) Lucy had run a marathon.

Tom said "I woke up feeling sick and so I stayed in bed."

Tom said (that) he woke (or had woken) up feeling sick and so he stayed (or had stayed) in bed.





Simple Present Simple Past
Simple Past

Simple Past or

Past Perfect

Present Perfect Past Perfect
Past Perfect Past Perfect
Can Could
Could Could
Will Would

Imagine this situation: yesterday you ran into a friends of yours, Andrea. Andrea told you a lot of things. Here are some of the things she said to you:

1. I'm thinking of moving to Chile. 8. I hardly ever go to the movies lately.
2. My husband is in the bank right now. 9. I work 50 hours a week.
3. Carlos and Cris are moving together. 10. I'll tell Claudia we have talked.
4. I haven't seen Pablo for a while. 11. Your sister can stay with me when she comes to Toronto.
5. I've been taking cooking lessons. 12. Carlos had a surgery last month, but now he is better.
6. Susana has adopted another dog. Now she has 5 dogs. 13. I saw Jack at a party a few months ago, and he seemed fine.
7. I don't know anything about Francisco 14. I had gotten married.

Later that day you tell another friend what Andrea said. Use reported speech to complete the sentences. 

  1. Andrea said that she .
  2. Andrea said that her in that moment.
  3. Andrea said that Carlos and Cris .
  4. Andrea said that .
  5. Andrea said that .
  6. Andrea said that Susana , and 5 dogs.
  7. She said that .
  8. She said that .
  9. She said that she .
  10. Andrea said that she we .
  11. She said that my sister Toronto.
  12. She said that Carlos , he better.
  13. She said that she , fine.
  14. Andrea said that she .

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