Writing with phrasal verbs

Write the correct phrasal verb in the blanks.

Some of them can be used more than once. 

write out
write away
write up
write in
write down
write off
write back

1. To for something means to send a letter or form asking for something.

2. To means to reply.

3. To means to record something on paper.

4. To  is written to an organisation and it means to send a letter to them.

5. To means that you decide someone or something is unimportant or not to be considered further.

6. To a car means to crash it so that it cannot be repaired.

7. To a debt means to cancel it.

8. To means to note all the necessary information on a cheque or prescription.

9. To your notes means to record them on paper in a neat form.

10. To means to note something on a notice or board  on a wall.

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