Saving money to travel the world

Answer TRUE or FALSE to the questions based on the video.

Question 1

1. He used water and soup to wash his clothes.

Question 2

2. He owns few clothes.

Question 3

3. The main idea is to wash your clothes in a bucket to save money.

Question 4

4. People should spend money only in the little things.

Question 5

5. A person can spend $156 dollars per year on washing his/her clothes. 

Question 6

6. If people don´t drink soda they will save $5 dollars per day. 

Question 7

7. Some people can spend more than $5 dollars per week on clothes. 

Question 8

8. People should take the bus or walk instead of taking a taxi or driving their cars. 

Question 9

9. People should stop their fast food impulses.

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