Reported Speech 2

  • When using reported speech it is not always necessary to change the verb. If you are reporting something and you feel that it is true, you can leave the verb the way it was said or you can change it into the past.

For example: Alfonso said, "Mexico City is the biggest city in Mexico."

                          Alfonso said (that) Mexico City is (or was) the biggest city in Mexico.

  • Must, might, could, would, should and ought stay the same in reported speech. May in direct speech changes to might in reported speech.
  • When you are reporting what someone said when talking to you, use tell.

              Alfonso told me (that) he didn't like Mexico City.

  • Will changes into would
  • When you are reporting what someone said but no one in particular, use say.

            Alfonso said (that) he didn't like Mexico City. (We were with more people. He was not addressing directly to someone in particular.)

Write what you would say in these situations.


Alma says, "I'm tired." Five minutes later she says, "Let's go shopping." What do you say?

- You said you were tired.

  1. Your coworker says, "I'm starving," so you call the takeout restaurant and order food. When the delivery boy arrives with the food she says, "I don't want to eat." What do you say? - " You said . "
  2. Teresa tells you, "Our boss didn't come to the office today." Later that day you meet her. What do you say? - "You told me ."
  3. You arranged to meet Javier. He said, "I won't be late." At last he arrives - 20 minutes late. What do you say? - " ."
  4. Your best friend says, "I'm working tomorrow evening." Later that day he says, "Let's go out tomorrow evening." What do you say? - "You told me that ."
  5. Pablo said, "I have quit smoking." A few days later you see him smoking a cigarette. What do you say? - You said ."

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Say, Tell or Talk

Choose the correct word.

  1. Alejandra Tim that she was going away.
  2.  Amalia it was a nice restaurant, but I didn't like it a lot.
  3. At the meeting the director about the limited budget the company will have for next year.
  4. My mother couldn't help me. She me to ask my father.
  5. Pablo he had quit smoking.
  6. The doctor that I would have to rest for a at least a week.
  7. At the meeting Martha about her trip to Yellowstone. 
  8. Lupita that it was necessary to come to work this Saturday.

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