Defining idioms

Choose the appropriate definition

1. To fnd your feet

(Everything is new this year at college, but I'm still finding my feet)

2. To be under the weather

(I'm feeling a little under the weather, so please don't make much noise. I'll take a nap)

3. Rule of thumb

(As a rule of thumb you should wait to exercise after eating)

4. To ring a bell

(I'm not sure if I already met Adam but that name rings a bell)

5. To be on the ball

(You've already finished your assignments for next week? Wow you are on the ball)

6. To go cold turkey

(She's not smoking anymore, she just quit cold turkey)

7. To pitch in

(They don't have much money, maybe we can all pitch in and buy a ticket for them)

8. To be up in the air

(I'm not sure, things are still up in the air)

9. To twist someone's arm

(Sorry, I can't... All right! You've twisted my arm, I'll come)

10. To hit the sack

(I think it's time for me to hit the sack)

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