mean girls

Watch the video and complete the dialogue

Hey, hey, hey!

How are my best girlfriends?

Hey, Mrs. George. This is Cady

Hello sweetheart


Welcome to our home

Just want you to know, if you need anything, don't be , OK?

There are no rules in this house. I'm not like a mom. I'm a mom. Right? Regina

Please stop talking


I'm gonna make you girls a "hump day" treat.

This is your room?

It was my parents' room, but I made them trade me.

Hey put on 98.8

Cady do you even know who sings this?

mmm spice girls?

I love her, she's like a martian

God! my hips are !

Oh please, I hate my calves

At least you guys can wear halters, I've got man shoulders.

I used to think there was just and . Apparently, there's a lot of things that can be on your body.

My hairline is so

My pores are huge

My nails beds suck

I have really breath in the morning

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