Exclamation emphasis

Match the number of the pictures with its corresponding sentence.

a)      How interesting!

b)      That´s disgusting!

c)      That´s unbelievable! How amazing!

d)      Sorry about that! I dropped it!

e)      It´s absolutely delicious!

f)       That´s nonsense! What a weird thing to say!

g)      What a shame!

h)      That really hurt!

i)       Come over here and sit with us.

j)       What a relief! Thank goodness for that!

Now you can practice the exclamations depending on the contexts

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Now write the complete sentences including the exclamations on the image.

a)      ? How !

b)      ! That´s !

c)      ! That´s ! How !

d)      ! Sorry ! I !

e)      ! It´s !

f)       ? That´s ! What !

g)      ! What !

h)      ! That !

i)       ! Come .

j)       ! What ! Thank !

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