The poem

Read the poem below and fill in the missing letters.

I tak it you already know

Of to gh and b ugh and cou h and doug

Others may stum , but not you

On hi ough, thoro , laugh, and through.


And c rk and work and card and w rd

And f nt and front and word and sword

Well done! And now if you wish, perhaps

To learn of less familiar traps.


Beware of heard, a dreadf l word

That looks like beard and sounds like bird.

And dead: it’s said like bed, not  b d–

For g dness sak s don’t call it d d.


Watch out for meat and great and t eat,

They rhyme with s te and straight and debt.

mo  is not a moth in mother,

Nor both in both , br th in brother.


And here is not a match for there,

And dear and fear for bear and pear.

And then there’s do e and r se and lose–

Just look them up–and g se and choose,


And do and go, then th rt and c rt.

Come, come, I’ve hardly made a start!

A dreadful language? M n ali !

I’d mastered it when I was five.

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Choose a word for each description.

1. I assume =  

2. The mixture of ingredients used to make bread, before being cooked =

3. Make mistakes while speaking =

4. An involuntary spasm that makes a funny noise = 

5. The brown stopper in the top of a wine bottle =

6. Extremely bad = 

7. The liquid part of a soup =

8. To prevent someone from accomplishing something = 

9. A brave or noble act =

10. A colorless butterfly =

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