Difficult Words to Pronounce


Re-order the letters in bold to form the word, then practice its pronunciation with the complete sentence.

1. The bride looked on her wedding day.    oegrsguo

2. I enjoyed this week’s English class.   goytluhrho

3. My asked if she could have a friend over for a playdate.    agehdrtu

4. I invite all English learners to take my monthly writing .     alhnelceg

5. You will your vocabulary by reading the news.    ahcnnee

6. It is important to use sentence in your TOEFL essay.     yeatriv

7. Celebrities how young people act and dress.      leefnnciu

8. My grandfather taught me how to when I was a child.     lsthewi

9. Racism has been a global issue history.    hrottughou

10. Victoria is located on Vancouver i in British Columbia, Canada.    sailnd

11. Spaghetti with is a meal my husband often cooks for dinner.    rhismp

12. A told me that I need to learn how to relax.      cosohgilispt

13. During the flu season, the students are taught to in their sleeves.    gucho

14. The washing machine is one that many people could not live without.     aainpcple

15. We want to our car in for a minivan.      edrat

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