The Graduation Song

The Graduation Song

Listen to The Graduation Song by Rhett and Link and complete the lyrics.

For the past 18 ;
Your life's been pretty smooth;
Let's take a moment and ;
On all you've had to .

You've rolled out of ;
And strolled to the living ;
And watched Network;
While your mom made for you.

Your laundry
Was magically ;
And your dad's back pocket
Was an machine.

Your life's biggest
Was what to wear to the ;
And your only regret was that incident;
With the stink bomb.

Do you hear that subtle ?
It's the sound of reality about the slap to taste out your mouth!

Now you're on your .
You should be .
But we can tell;
You don't . (Why don't you care? You should be .)

You're young and now you're free.
The world is your .
We have no clue what that ;
But let us paint a picture of your .

You're gonna eat a lot of Hot Pockets;
And you're that sounds great.
Well, get back to us in 6 months
When you've had 378.

As soon as you move ;
You know what you're are gonna do?
There gonna turn your bedroom into an room;
That they never .

And you won't use lockers in college.
And this might be a total .
There are no either, you'll actually have to say
Have a great !

Do you feel that gentle breeze?
It's the Category 5 hurricane of about to hit you upside the head with a !

Now you're on your own.
Don't this up.
You're on your ;
Good luck. (You're gonna it.)

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