Past Perfect vs Past Simple


Simple PastPast Perfect Simple

some time in the past

Fernanda got up at seven.
She opened her birthday presents
and then the whole family went to the zoo.

before/up to a certain time in the past

Before her sixth birthday,
Jane had never been to the zoo.

Read the story below and fill in the missing words.

Sometimes PAST PERFECT and PAST SIMPLE are used in the sentence. 

Don´t use contractions when necessary.

  1. Beto (wake up) early in the morning.
  2. He (fell)  very tired because he (not sleep)   very well the night before.
  3. A strange noise in the garden (keep)   him awake.
  4. It was six o'clock and Beto (get up)  .
  5. Then he (make)   himself a nice cup of coffee.
  6. When Beto (look out)  of the kitchen window, he (not believe)   his eyes.
  7. There (be)   a bear in his garden!
  8. He (search)   Beto's garden for food last night.
  9. Beto (knock)   at the window.
  10. The bear (hear)   that and ran away.
  11. But what a mess the bear (make)   in the garden!

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