Had never danced

Choose one of the PAST PERFECT options to complete the text.

Daniel and Laura went on a date time ago. Daniel took Laura to a nice restaurant where people can dance salsa, they love to dance. They how to dance since they were children. They part of a dance club when they were in high school.

Before that date, Laura to that place. She did not know about that restaurant. Daniel invited Laura to go and have fun. After Laura saw the place she liked it a lot. All people were excited and having fun. Daniel a good decision about the place.

Since that time, Daniel and Laura have been practicing salsa. Last weekend, they danced in a competition. They for 6 months before they performed a salsa song in the competition. They were very good.

Daniel and Laura´s friend was in the audience. Before that night, he Daniel and Laura dance. In fact, Daniel and Laura in a competition.

After the last couple , the judges announced the winners. Daniel and Laura won! They were the best dances in the competition. Laura said she had never felt so happy in her life because she had never practiced so hard before.  

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What´s the tense?

Clasify the verbs below according to their tense in the text: PAST PERFECT or PAST SIMPLE

For example: the verb "dance" is used in both tenses = they danced    and    the last couple had danced

What about the verbs below?

1 announced
2 been
3 gone
4 invited
5 learned
6 liked
7 did not know
8 participated
9 performed
10 practiced
11 said
12 saw
13 seen
14 taken
15 took
16 was
17 went
18 were
19 won

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