Nature versus Nurture

Complete the text with a PAST PERFECT option.

There are 3 INCORRECT options that are NOT used in the text. 

Take the case of Elyse Schein and Paula Bernstein. Elyse and Paula were identical twins separated at birth. Both girls knew that their parents them as infants, but neither girl knew about her twin. When Elyse grew up, she longed to meet her biological mother, so she contacted the agency that the adoption. She had been doing research on her birth mother when she made a surprising discovery. She had an identical twin. Even more surprising, she learned that she part of a secret scientific study.

At the time of the adoption, the agency different families to adopt each twin. The agency the families that their child was part of a scientific study. However, it  the goal of the study: for scientists to investigate nature versus nurture.

When Elyse and Paula finally met as adults, they were amazed. They had many similarities. They looked almost identical. They film. They both loved to write. Together, the twins discovered that the researchers the study before the end because the public strongly disapproved of this type of research.

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