Past participle in past perfect

Can you complete the second part of the verbs in their past participle form?

When using PAST PERFECT it is necessary to know the past participle form of the verbs so we can use correctly this tense. 

Let´s see if you remember their endings: 

1. spok

2. eat

3. live

4. see

5. sle  

6. writ

7. die

8. brok

9. open

10. bui

11. take

12. clos

13. kno

14. rid

15. got

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Use the verbs above to complete the sentences.

1. They the door when we arrived. 

2. He the book before he finished his career. 

3. The dog the vase before I reacted. 

4. My family the whole cake before I took some. 

5. I you before we met. 

6. Had they the bus before it was too late?

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