Kind of / Kind of like

Kind of:

A type or variety of "something". You are putting the person or thing you describe into a category. Therefore, such expressions should not apply to one specific individual of the type.

Example: The kestrel is a kind of falcon. (A type or variety of falcon)

Kind of like: 

It´s used to soften the claim that "something" is the same, and to suggest that it is only partly the same, not completely.

Example: When you fall in love, it’s kind of like you go crazy. (You are not acting like you normally do)

Complete the conversations with KIND OF or KIND OF LIKE.


A. That's a beautiful dish!
B. Thanks. Actually, it's a pot. It's Japanese.
A. Can you cook with it? It looks so pretty.
B Yeah! You can make Yosenabe in it.
A. What is that?
B. Yosenabe is a Japanese soup.


A. What can you buy at the market?
B. Well, you can buy food from different countries, things like fruit. You can buy durians...
A. What's a durian?
B It's a fruit.
A. Really?
B. Yeah. It's a melon.
A. Is good?
B. yes, l love it.

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Complete the sentences with KIND OF or KIND OF LIKE.

1. Being from Utah is being from the south.

2. Sprinkles are a candy.

3. A crepe is  a pancake.

4. He was surprised.

5. Cats are a felines. 

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