Capitalization and punctuation 2

Write the words in the correct spaces.

Here there are some examples when capital letters are used.

Choose two examples for each group from the list below.

REMEMBER to use capital letters.

christmas south america saturn the amazon the middle east the merchant of venice professor barrios
the mona lisa the atlantic ocean la paz square the middle ages wall street attorney gonzalez mars
  1. With the first word and also the main words in the titles of books, films, plays and works of art:        
  2. With areas/regions (but not with east, west, etc., on their own):        
  3. With the names of streets and other parts of a town:      
  4. With rivers/mountains and other geographical features:      
  5. With the names of planets (but not with the earth, sun or moon):    
  6. With days, months, festivals and historical periods (but not with seasons):      
  7. With the names of professions when they are used as titles (but not when used generally):      

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