Answer the RIDDLES according to the images.

Use capital letters for the answers

1. The orange vegetables are the  

2. Complete the name of the two red vegetables in the pictures: R    and   T 

3. I have a green cover and many little pieces and I can become oil and cereal:

4. I am not a plant. I am not green or orange and I grow in the dark:

5. I am tall and thin. My color is green. I have leaves on top. I taste good in salads. I am crunchy:  

6. I am purple and round. I can be in salads:

7. What is green on the outside and has lots of small green balls on the inside, when you open it up?    

8. What is the only vegetable that will make you cry?  

9. Which do you use at Halloween? 

10. What is big and white on the inside, but green on the outside?

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