Past Regular Verbs Pronunciation

Write the verb in the correct column

Regular verbs in past/past participle have three different pronunciation: /id/, /d/ or /t/

Re write the following verbs  under the column with the correct pronunciation.

Need-Needed Cook-Cooked Call-Called Cause-Caused Change-Changed
Decide-Decided Drop-Dropped Follow-Followed Last-Lasted Learn-Learned
Talk-Talked Answer-Answered Ask-Asked Rob-Robbed Start-Started
Stay-Stayed Want-Wanted Watch-Watched Wish-Wished Bathe-Bathed
Look-Looked Laugh-Laughed Walk-Walked

Examples: Attend-Attended  /  Believe-Believed  /  Pass-Passed

Base form of the

verb ends in /t/ or 

/d/ add extra syllable


Base form of verb

ends with a voiced

sound or "vibration"


Base form of the verb

ends with a voiceless

sound or NO "vibration"


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