past simple-negative form

Write the sentences in the negative past simple form

  • Past simple in the negative form:  We add the auxiliary didn’t (did not) before the verb in infinitive.

1. Magnolia ate 10 tacos last night.

2. I ran a marathon two years ago.

3. We drank soda during the lunch.

4. He swam for an hour yesterday.

5. I had a black car.

6. She said she was tired.

7. They walked in the park.

8. I wanted to dance with him.

9. You bought a new house.

10. America heard something strange.

11. I met you last year.

12. Armando rode his bicycle yesterday.

13. We watched a movie in the morning.

14. Maggie slept in a hotel last month.

15. I know Susan told you a secret.


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