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Class 6 - THERE IS and THERE ARE

Activity 1

Read the conversation below and try to identify the different sentences with THERE IS and THERE ARE.

Conversation 3  what is there? (¿Qué hay?)

A: Helio Jane! How are you?

E: Hi Josh! I'm fine but l'm hungry!

A: I am hungry too! Is there anything to eat?

E: Yes, there some apples and oranges

A: Ok. Is there any pizza?

E: No, there isn't

A: Are there any cookies?

E: Yes, there are. But they are old

A: Is there a good restaurant near?

E: Yes, there's one close.

A: Let's go! I am really hungry

Activity 2

What is there? (¿Qué hay?)

What is there in your bedroom? (¿Qué hay en tu habitación?)

Bed (Cama)

Televisión (Televisión)

Radio (Radio)

Pillows (Cojines)

Closet (Armario)

Book (Libro)

Magazine (Revista)

Basket (Canastas)

Computer (Computadora)

Desk (Escritorio)

Pool (Piscina)

Lamp (Lampara)

Activity 3

There is/There are  - There is not / There are not


There is a small bed There is not a basket 

There are some oíd books There are not any magazines

Now complete about your bedroom:

Affirmative ________________________________

Negative __________________________________

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