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Class 9 - Superlatives

Superlatives Activity

Activity 1

List the comparatives and superlatives you find in the text:

(ordenalas de acuerdo a su aparición en el texto) 

 "I will like to talk about the way people are behaving in our society:
Some people think that models are not as intelligent as business women
Some others think that business women are as boring as lectures
For some people, attending lectures are the worst activity to do while studying abroad
And studying abroad is cheaper than studying online
But studying online is not better than going to the university
When going to the university, you see more people than in front of a computer
Being in front of a computer is more dangerous for your health
Some people care about health more than physical appearance
And physical appearance is the model's biggest worry.
Oh! I think I'm getting nuts about how people usually behave".


Comparatives  Superlatives 
 as intelligence as
 the worst


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