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Class 8 - ¿What's your excuse?

Activity 1

Listen the audio. What modals could you hear?


Activity 2

Choose the best option on each sentence.

1. you speak any foreign languages?   

a) Can

b) Must

c) May 

2. Where´s Nick? He be in his office.

a) may

b) might

c) would 

3. Take an umbrella! It rain later.

a) has to

b) must

c) might 

4. You do it. I´ve already done it.

a) mustn´t

b) ought not to

c) may not 

5. You look tired. You go to bed.

a) should

b) might

c) may 

6. I go to the restroom?

a) might

b) must

c) shall 

7. we stay or leave?

a) can

b) shall

c) might 




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