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Subtema 5: A new job


  • Read the story carefully. You can use the dictionary if there words you don't know.

Arthur is starting his job as an English teacher. Today he is going to a school on Park Street to teach high school students there. He has a problem, when he starts to use the computer he cannot open the presentation. He tries to open it as usual but it does not work.

He is not sure what to do but finally he calls for help at work and a friend is able to come out.

After some minutes, they find the problem and now Arthur can start the class.

Answer these questions based on the Reading, try to remember the story.

When you finish, you can go back to the story.

  • What is the name of the character?  
  • Where is he going to work today? 
  • What is the problem?  
  • Who helps him? 

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