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Listen to the video "50 things I've done"

Before you listen to the video, read the instructions.

Pregunta Verdadero-Falso

Answer if the statements are true or false.

Pregunta 1

1. She has broken a bone.

Pregunta 2

2. She has had 3 dogs.

Pregunta 3

3. She has learned Italian.

Pregunta 4

4. She has done volunteer work before.

Pregunta 5

5. She has worked as a nanny.

Pregunta 6

6. She has talked to people from all around the world.

Pregunta 7

7. She has always had good grades in math.

Pregunta 8

8. She has had many pets.

Pregunta 9

9. She has been operated on.

Pregunta 10

10. An Italian teacher has taught her yoga.

Pregunta 11

11. She has read Don Quixote.

Pregunta 12

12. She has gone hiking in the mountains.

Pregunta 13

13. She has always had friends who were younger than her.

Pregunta 14

14. She has successfully taken care of all of her plants.

Pregunta 15

15. She has drunk a lot of soda.