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Ejercicio interactivo

Rellenar huecos

  • Instructions: Organize the words in the correct order to make sentences. Remember the structure (SVC).
  • Instrucciones: Organice las palabras en el orden correcto para hacer frases. Recuerde la estructura (SVC).

1. |in|morning|I|have|always|the|breakfast|

2. |in|restaurants|often|lunch|have|I|

3. |at|night|You|coffee|drink|never|

4. |get|late|You|up|sometimes|

5. |wears|She|pink|usually|pink|

6. |public|never|He|in|smiles|

7. |We|library|in|always|the|study|

8. |often|mornings|jogging|goes|Marco|the|

9. |dinner|usually|My|family|together|have|

10. |alcohol|ever|I|drink|hardly|

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